Volunteer Positions

We have several volunteer positions available:

Fundraising Committee – commitment varies depending what you want to help with.  Filling out grant applications, working fundraisers, organizing.

Publicity Committee – commitment is a couple hours a month – helping to design the website, social media, graphics and advertising.

Curriculum Committee – not established currently but would be responsible for developing the curriculum.

Documents Committee – commitment is a couple hours a month.  Responsibilities include creating the documents required to set up and run the daycare, including the Parent Handbook, applications – spaces, staffing, policies, business plan, operations manual.

Donations Committee – responsible for gathering quality donations, sorting, cleaning, getting them to storage (until facility opens).

Buildings Committee – for scoping out buildings for the daycare, storage, etc.  Responsible for rezoning paperwork (if necessary).  Also will take on the renovations planning once we find a building (leading a team of contractors/volunteers).


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