Mission & Vision

The Totally Kids Daycare Philosophy Will Embrace a Love of Learning, Community, & Nature



Totally Kids Daycare Inc. is committed to providing a quality, accessible, flexible day-care centre that operates within a ‘whole child’ philosophy. We provide quality, creative programming that inspires a love of learning, community, and nature.



We will achieve this by:

1.  Operate at a minimum of 55 hours a week with the possibility to become an extended care facility with the capability of providing childcare for over 80 hours a week.

2. Operate this facility as a flexible child-care space which will provide care for infants, toddlers, preschool and school-aged children.

3.  Provide up to 90 new child-care spaces in this facility.

4.  Create inspired play and learn environments which incorporate well-rounded developmental programming that is child-centered, holistic, community and nature based.

5.  Be accessible and universally inclusive including the capability to care for children that may be in a category of high diverse needs.

6.  Commit to providing continuing education and development opportunities for staff, management and our board of directors in regards to the childcare industry in order to provide the highest quality of child-care possible.

7.  Commit to environmentally “green” operations and standards.

8.  Commit to designing and developing enhanced learning environments to support our programming.

9.  Develop a parent advisory committee for guidance and accountability in both operations and programming.


To find out more about the Board of Directors dedicated to making Totally Kids Daycare a reality click on this link.

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