Board of Directors

We have 5 wonderful volunteers on our Board of Directors.

Dawn Dawn Thomas-Cameron, President – Inspired by Prairie School for Union Women in 2014, Dawn decided she wanted to set up a non-profit daycare in Regina.  With the help of her spouse, Jason, she is making it happen.Dawn holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan.  She has been employed at SaskTel for 11 years.  Her daughter, Brandi, is 20 years old; and her sons, Damian, is 6 years old and Tristan, 6 months old.  Quality daycare has been a challenge – both in Saskatoon and in Regina.  When you find a good spot, hold on it it for dear life.Dawn is currently in Toastmasters and is establishing the daycare as a High Performance Leadership Project.
Jason Jason Cameron, Treasurer, holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary.  He is currently a stay-at-home dad, taking care of Damian and tending the house.  Jason has experience with the “DI” – the largest non-profit shelter in North America.  He also has some experience with daycares working in before and after school programs and the 3-5 year old group.  In the past, he has designed Kindergarten programs for daycares.  He will be assisting with the curriculum development as one of his roles on the Board.
tom Tom Blair – Tom is a fellow Toastmaster. He is employed at FCC (Farm Credit Canada). He has a couple of kids over the age of 7. He is also married.
lindsay Lindsay Gatzke – Lindsay has worked as a Clerical Associate at SaskTel since September 2009.Lindsay has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary. Lindsay is Mom to a busy 4-year old daughter who keeps Mom & Dad on their toes!Lindsay loves to be creative – some favourite pastimes include scrapbooking, baking and cake/cupcake decorating.  Some day Lindsay would love to open her own Cupcake Bakery!
wasp Alex Deacon – Alex is a fellow Toastmaster. Ask him how to survive a WASP (White, Anglo Saxon Protestant) Wedding. His reply will keep you laughing. He is also a lawyer. We hope he will contribute his legal expertise (and humour) to the Board.

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