About Us

Totally Kids Daycare Inc. is the brainchild of Dawn Thomas-Cameron, who, after spending a weekend at the Prairie School for Union Women, learned that accessible, quality daycare in her home province was seriously lacking. Less than 12% of children 5 and under, province wide, had access to quality, licensed daycare. Her own child was on a three year waiting list for child-care. This is when Dawn committed herself to being a part of the solution. Totally Kids Daycare Inc. was born.

Beliefs and Principles

As an organization, Totally Kids Daycare Inc. will:

  • Treat the young people in our care with the utmost respect, dignity and integrity at all times.
  • Ensure that the children we serve are cared for from a “whole-child” perspective in all programming, educational experiences and personal  interactions.
  • Make sure our care-givers, management, board of directors, and parents know that we are all “extended family” and will be treated as such.
  • Make it our mandate that care-givers are honoured with a living-wage, a healthy work environment, and emotional as well as educational support for their dedication.

Next Steps

We can now give tax receipts for all monetary donations!!

As a registered non-profit, with charity status, our next step is to fundraise and find a location to open Totally Kids Daycare. With that in hand, we will be that much closer to being able to provide the kind of quality, accessible child-care Regina needs.

How do we get there? With your help. Whether it is a donation of time, money or materials we need you!

Find out how you can help by clicking on the volunteer and/or donate links today!

One Step Closer to Providing You With A Quality Daycare That Feels Like Home

Home is where the heart is. Your children want to feel as safe, secure and supported as possible in their time away from you. You want an environment that has that ‘home and heart’ feeling.

Making the best decision possible – as soon as possible – is important.

 Donating Now Means You Will Have This Quality Centre Sooner

With your support we can move forward faster. Why is this important? Because once we are opened we can pass on the following benefits to Regina parents and their children:

  • Whole-child learning through play & nature supports your child physically, emotionally, and intellectually while developing compassion for the world around them.
  • Being a part of community allows your child to feel connected and provides the foundation for community responsibility.
  • Instilling values for sustainable eco-living & the environment helps to create a positive attitude towards making our world a better place.
  • Caregivers have that ‘Heart and Home’ philosophy. This ensures that your children are supported, feel safe, and are comforted in security at all times.

Again, please help make Totally Kids Daycare a reality by clicking on the volunteer and/or donate links and contacting us today! Thanks – Your Board of Directors:

Dawn, Jason, Thomas, Lindsay, Alex

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